Forex Trading – Tutorial And Online Courses Are Crucial For Success!

Forex Trading - Tutorial And Online Courses Are Crucial For Success!

This is an article for all of you no-commerce educated students and all of the others that have no economical background. recently the Forex industry has had a major makeover, getting investments for many new traders and entrepreneurial which had nothing to do with Forex Trading before and that is thanks to many online training courses and tutorials.

You may find yourself into the group of many who have heard of Forex currency exchange systems and never got the chance or the courage to do something about it. Read more

How To Become An Expert Forex Trader In Malaysia

How To Become An Expert Forex Trader In Malaysia

If you are a Malaysian resident and you are thinking about ways to make some extra money to supplement your income, venturing into the forex trading business can be a great idea. Even though you can make a lot of money in this business, it is not as easy as it may look. It takes more than just having enough money to invest to be successful in the forex trading business. Read more

Why Is It So Important To Get A Mentor And Community When Trading Forex?

In this article I am going to tell you from my experience, why is it so crucial to have a FX mentor when starting to trade the currency market for real.

First though, why would you want to trade the FX market for the first place? Well, have you lost your job recently? Want to get out of debt? Do you hate your existing job? Or you dont want to work forever? I could have answered YES to all these situations, not so long ago.

Or maybe you want to make money when you retire and do not want to depend on social security? Want to make money to help with tuition fees or for extra money while you go to school?

If your goal is to grow your capital for longterm profitability then FX is a very good opportunity with much better and stable longterm rewards (though risky) when compared, for example, to stock trading.

So lets get back to the original question, which is why do we must have a FX mentor. Read more

Importance Of Taking Forex Courses In Malaysia

Importance Of Taking Forex Courses In Malaysia

In simple terms, forex trading is exchanging foreign currencies by buying and selling them in order to make profit. From this definition, it might look like a pretty easy thing to do, but the truth of the matter is that it is not. It is a high risk market that you cannot make a mistake of jumping in lightly without taking enough time to learn how it operates. Read more

Forex Robot Traders – The Big Fat Lie About Forex Automatic Trading

Forex Robot Traders - The Big Fat Lie About Forex Automatic Trading

Why are there so many so called profitable automatic Forex trading systems out there, but so few people actually making money from them? Well, many people blame the developers of Forex robot traders, and yes, they must shoulder some of the blame. However, bear in mind that these developers are mostly interested in marketing and selling as many automatic Forex trading systems as possible, and they don’t earn their money from educating you on the ins and outs of Forex automatic trading.

If you’re serious about building wealth through Forex automatic trading, then you need to take your Forex robot trader education into your own hands. Read more

How Currency Trading Works

How Currency Trading Works

Almost everybody looking to make money online is interested in knowing how currency trading works. Well, currency trading, otherwise known as Forex, deals with the ability to sell and buy currencies online. It is the hugest financial market in the world, with a daily turnover of over $1.5 trillion.

As you may expect, the biggest players in the market are brokers, banks, financial institutions and even some private individuals. Read more