An Ex-mortgage Brokers Point Of View

The market crashed in 2007, I know I felt it, that was the year I had to close down my Mortgage Company. I know that many Mortgage Brokers out there, (Correction: Ex-mortgage Brokers, because today we are almost non-existent, thank you Wall Street Gurus.)

Anyway, I know that the mortgage professionals were also the ones to suffer, we lost our livelihood and yet, we were the ones to be blamed for it. Funny how things turn out. Now, I am not saying there were all good brokers, just like there are bad cops, bad teachers, bad bankers and so forth, there were also bad brokers. Read more

Bookkeeping – Credit Sales and Cash Sales

Bookkeeping - Credit Sales and Cash Sales

Bookkeeping is the process of recording the financial transactions for a business. These transactions will ultimately provide the core information to construct the profit and loss account and balance sheet for a business. As part of this bookkeeping, the bookkeeper will need to record all the revenue and expenditure for the business, whether they are in cash or on credit. Read more

Explaining Journal Entries and Rebates

Explaining Journal Entries and Rebates

    Types of Rebates

    A rebate is a part of the purchase price that is returned to the customer. The rebate will often be related to the purchase of a particular quantity or value of the particular goods within a specified period of time. This type of rebate will often be given after the full amount of the purchase has been invoiced to the customer and paid. Read more