A Neck Lanyard For Everyday Use

A Neck Lanyard For Everyday Use

A neck lanyard is a popular modern accessory that comes in varied design and usability options to choose from. Almost every part of these items can be customized, including their straps and holders. You can hang them on your neck or clip them on your shirt pocket / belt, and avoid having to fumble in a purse or pocket for small items. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular options for lanyards.

Retractable lanyard: Retractable lanyards are best for those who use keycards to pass through secure doors at work, and those who have to show their bus pass. The retractable cord on these items stretches allowing you to use it in any situation much more conveniently than regular lanyards. These accessories come in different styles – you can choose any color of strap or reel housing. When choosing one for yourself, you may want to make sure that the wire of the reel stretches enough for your needs – some stretch to as little as 15 inches, others to as much as 2 feet. So, if you often need to display your ID or swipe a keycard through card readers, you can consider obtaining a nice retractable lanyard to make your days a bit easier.

Printed neck lanyard: Printed lanyards come in an array of patterns to choose from, including animal prints (cow, zebra, tiger, leopard, etc.), flower prints (shamrock, sunflower, Hawaiian flowers), art (pop, retro), camouflage (desert, military), and many more. A huge collection of these accessories are available online and make it easy for you to choose the right one that will fit your needs. Some manufacturers will allow you to have your own custom patterns imprinted onto the item’s strap. This may cost more, but it really allows unleashing your imagination and making the accessory match your individual style. Most of these items don’t have retractable cords; instead, they usually come with a number of holders, including clips. The clips will allow you to unclip an ID card and use it.

Beaded neck lanyard: Beaded items are probably some of the most attractive ones. When worn on the neck, they don’t even look like lanyards – they look like fashion accessories. The beads can be made in any color and material. The popular colors for beads include black, white, silver, gold, red, and blue. The popular materials are glass, semi-precious gems, and plastic. The beaded items can become a great gift for teachers, nurses, and office workers. They all look original and personal. They come at low prices with fast shipping. If you are considering purchasing one of these for yourself, you may want to measure your neck with a measuring tape first, since most of them do not have any length adjustment options.

Promotional neck lanyard: For promotional purposes, you can purchase the affordable plain items and have a company logo imprinted onto them. The logo can be placed onto the strap and the plastic part of the item. Promotional lanyards can be used together with other promotional items, including pens, mugs, caps, calendars, and mouse pads.