EBITDA Multiples – Explained Clearly

EBITDA Multiples - Explained Clearly

    Introduction to EBITDA

    Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) are a measure of company profits that can be calculated from the   publicly available information in the companys financial statements. It is therefore easy for investors to obtain and use, and it can be a tool to compare the performance of companies of similar size operating in the same industry. Read more

Planning your Business with Managerial Accounting Ratios


    Mr. Busalla (chairman of the board of directors of the Rodriguez Company) was reading a copy of the auditor’s report stating that the company is facing two big problems for 2009. They are investment opportunities for the idle funds because financial statements show too much liquidity, and the fast pacing of uncollectibles or a high portfolio risk. Read more

Developing Skills In Bookkeeping

Developing Skills In Bookkeeping

Owning a business can be very tough and that is why there needs to be an initiative to think every process and know the business principles behind it. There are a lot of things that are needed to qualify and quantify as well in order to ensure that the company will stay true to its promise to consumers and clients, in lieu of their integrity as a business or company venturing on a specific product that is demanded by the market.

If you are a business owner or an organization leader, it is necessary for you to have that desire for learning, hunger for new knowledge and passion to strive hard and make every great detail a habit so it would reflect to the needs and demands of your company. Read more

Increase Your Small Business With Bookkeeping Services

Increase Your Small Business With Bookkeeping Services

For the present time bookkeeping is essential part for each and every business industry like small business, mid and large scale businesses. Every business owner desires perfect keeping record for all the business financial transactions so bookkeeping is better option to keeping all the financial transactions records appropriate for your business. Read more

Illustrated Examples of Post-Adjusted and Post-Closing Trial Balances

Illustrated Examples of Post-Adjusted and Post-Closing Trial Balances


    In providing examples of post-adjusted and post-closing trial balances, it is important that we should be clear about the objectives of these trial balances. We will present an organized list of the general ledger accounts which we originally prepared as an unadjusted trial balance worksheet in our article entitled Sample of Unadjusted Trial Balance Worksheet . Read more

Make A Business Loan Application Directly From A Bank Rather Than Through Agents

It is sometimes difficult to apply for a loan because of a high-interest rate not only in Malaysia but also in many countries in the world today. The low business rate can be the deciding factor that can motivate customers. A recent case study shows that quite some people in the society are typically put off acquiring a business loan because of the high rate of repayment. It is great significance that business loan Malaysia came to the rescue to many suffering potential entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Read more

CPA Exam Fees

CPA Exam Fees

The CPA exam fees vary to some extent from one state to another. Usually somewhere between $575 and $800 (for all the 4 sections of the test), the CPA fees are not really that high if you think into perspective. Becoming a certified public accountant can be a very lucrative career.

Still, you need to make sure that you are eligible for the examination process itself. This, again, varies somewhat from state to state. Read more

Small Business Bookkeeping Tips

Small Business Bookkeeping Tips

A small business needs to have accurate books and be able to setup keep track of day to day expenses in order to maintain profitability from quarter to quarter.

Top tips for small business bookkeeping.

– Hire someone if you do not have the ability to do bookkeeping, you know who you are.

– Remember you must have a detailed plan before you start with your bookkeeping. Often talking with another business owner or a CPA is a good way to get started with your planning for bookkeeping.

– When you have an outline you can tell which items are most important and which items can be put off until the end of the month or quarter.

Having accurate mileage records is hard to do at the end of the quarter and this must be done every day.

– Office employee’s can often come and go so take the time to have a backup plan in case one must be fired or resigns.

Having one employee hold the key to all your bookkeeping knowledge is a recipe for disaster!

If you decide at any point you can’t handle the work load or it is interfering with your personal life take the time to consult an accountant to find out if some of the work can be outsourced to lower your time requirements.

– Don’t forget to ask for help and always take the time to learn ways to make record keeping efficient and safe.

If all your records are on a computer back them up on a disk.

– Take the time to make sure everyday you are sticking to the plan you create.

by a local Accountant and CPA